Pro Armour Lite

Discover the Pro Armour Lite – the ultimate in prosthetic protection for above and below knee amputees.



Suggested HCPCS Code: L5962


Unrestricted movement


Ultimate protection


Super lightweight


Easy to use

Pro Armour worn while washing car
Pro Armour worn while riding bike

The Pro Armour Lite Features

Whether your happy place is in the garden or on a mountain top – the Pro Armour Lite gives you the confidence to do more. 

Walk with confidence knowing your expensive prosthetic components are protected from the elements. Say catch-you-later to that damn dust, dirt, sand and water!

Easy to Use

These covers are super lightweight and literally take seconds to put on.

Multiple Sizes Available

Small (23-24), medium (25-26) and large (27-29) foot sizes are available. Custom made options are available on request. Contact us to enquire.

Moves with you

The Pro Armour Lite moves with your prosthetic limb so your ankle movement and gait stay smooth and unaffected.

No heel height hassles

Wear your favourite sandals, shoes or boots – the Pro Armour Lite fits inside them all. 


Universal design fits most feet and build heights
Ankle movement and gait not affected
Suitable for K2 + patients
Only 85 grams (medium)
Velcro straps keep the cover secure and streamlined
Robust construction
Suitable for level-ground walking to high impact activity
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Pro Armour worn while gardening


“My Prosthetic Cover has changed my life! It has given me the confidence to enjoy walking along the beach, gardening and short bush walks. At the end of the day I can pull the Prosthetic Cover off and my foot is as clean as a whistle. No need to pull the foot apart after being outdoors.”



“After water blasting my driveway for hours, I was amazed to see NO water or grit in my foot. I would highly recommend this product to all amputees!”



“I wear my Prosthetic Cover every day on the farm and now I couldn’t live without it. My foot functions better and I don’t have to clean the foot out. I do a lot of boating on the weekends and my Prosthetic Cover keeps my foot sand and salt free. This is a must for every amputee!”



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