I’m a prosthetist

Whether you’re new to the Pro Armour Lite or need a refresher – here’s all the info you need to know.

The rundown

The Pro Armour Lite is the ultimate in protection for prosthetic limbs. They give patients the confidence and freedom to do more, while protecting prosthetic feet and components from water, dirt, dust, sand and snow.

Suitable for above and below knee amputees, available in multiple sizes and also suitable to wear for cosmetic reasons.

I’m an amputee
Reduce your health budget, save time on limb maintenance, improve patient wellbeing – prescribe one today!

Patient suitability

All K2, K3 and K4 patients who:

  • work in or frequent environments where moisture and foreign objects will damage their prosthetic
  • participate in domestic DIY activities such as; mowing lawns, gardening, washing vehicles, home maintenance
  • enjoy recreational activities such as; walking, golf, fishing, cycling, camping, watersports, running, hiking and motorsports.
  • have a history of the elements damaging their prosthetic components

Types of prosthetic feet

The Pro Armour Lite is generally suitable for; solid ankle cushion heel, uniaxial and multiaxial, energy storing and patient adjustable feet.

Note: The Pro Armour Lite may not fit prosthetic limbs with cosmetic covers.


The suggested HCPCS Code for the Pro Armour Lite is L5962. The final responsibility for correct coding is the sole responsibility of the practitioner submitting the claim.

Prosthetist feedback

“The Pro Armour Lite is a must have for most of our patients. It’s simple, very effective and user-friendly. So, I’m prescribing heaps of them.”

Auckland Centre prosthetist

“I love the Pro Armour Lite, it’s one of the best products on the market! They’re suitable for such a wide range of patients and we’re prescribing them to almost every patient!”

Hamilton Centre prosthetist

”It’s a brilliant product and our technician is hardly cleaning out footshells anymore. We get patients to scan the QR code on the box and they have all the instructions and information they need.”

Dunedin Centre prosthetist

How to get it on and off

Learn how to put a Pro Armour Lite on by watching this video. Take note of these important points…

  • Always put the sock provided on first
  • Show some love, don’t be too rough taking it on off and on
  • Use scissors to trim the velcro to length
  • Ensure your patient wear footwear over the Pro Armour Lite

Why you should prescribe more Pro Armour Lite’s


Health funding benefits

Make your health budget go further, extend the life of patients’ prosthetic feet and components

Patient freedom

Patients can enjoy their favourite activities without damaging their prosthetic limb

Save everyone’s time

Spend less time cleaning and maintaining prosthetic feet and components

Patient well being

Increase patient confidence, activity levels and physical/mental well being

Keep it simple

No need for patients to change prosthesis for different activities. Simply put the Pro Armour Lite on in the morning and take it off at night. Or leave it on 24/7!

Practical functionality

The Pro Armour Lite moves with prosthetic limbs, ensuring ankle movement and gait stay smooth and unaffected

Better patient outcomes

Prescribe the best prosthetic feet and components for better patient outcomes. Rest assured, the Pro Armour Lite will protect the most expensive prosthetic feet and components from harsh environments

Easy to use

They’re super lightweight and literally take seconds to put on and take off

Focus on life

Get patients to spend more time at work, less time at the Limb Centre
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100% Satisfaction

100% of NZ prosthetists surveyed state the most valuable feature of the Pro Armour Lite is its ability to stop water and debris entering the footshell.

100% of NZ prosthetists surveyed are satisfied with the Pro Armour Lite.

100% of NZ prosthetists surveyed are prescribing the Pro Armour Lite to reduce limb maintenance and extend the life of prosthetic components.

Care instructions
  • Hand wash only in cold water and use a mild soap
  • If filthy, use a brush and water to remove muck
  • Air dry and peg by velcro only. Thoroughly dry inside and out.
  • Available in small (23-24), medium (25-26) and large sizes (27-28)
  • Note: the stretch qualities of neoprene allow the Pro Armour Lite to fit a variety of prosthetic limbs
  • Prosthetic limbs with shock or rotation units may require a size up
  • If you require a different size or have a need we have not catered for, we’d love to hear from you – contact us here

Frequently asked questions

Is it waterproof?
Almost! The Pro Armour Lite is seam sealed and will keep almost all water out. Since there’s a small chance water will enter through the top if submerged, we can’t guarantee it’s waterproof.
What is the best footwear to wear with a Pro Armour Lite?
We find that lightweight footwear, like a running shoe works best. Most sandals, shoes or boots should work fine too. Remember: patients must wear the black sock provided, then put the Pro Armour Lite on.
Can patients keep it on their limb permanently?
Yes, just remind patients to take it off if they plan on walking without footwear on.
Where can I order more stock?

For New Zealand Limb centres, follow your standard order procedure. For outside of New Zealand, please enquire here.

Why do patients have to wear the sock provided on their prosthetic foot?
It makes putting on the Pro Armour Lite a lot easier! It’s also low volume, this helps fit the prosthetic foot and Pro Armour Lite into footwear without it being too tight.
What will happen if patients walk with no footwear on?
They’ll either slip over or put a hole in their Pro Armour Lite. No one wants that! And please be aware, if patients walk around with their Pro Armour Lite indoors or outdoors without footwear (sandals, shoes, boots etc), this will void the warranty.
My patient’s shoes are tight. How can I get the foot in?
Ensure patients wear the sock provided and choose footwear that isn’t too tight. You may also find it easier to remove the patient’s prosthetic limb, then put the Pro Armour Lite on, then the footwear. Alternatively, try placing the patient’s footwear on a table (or similar), use two hands to put the foot into the footwear. Use a shoehorn if necessary.


“My Prosthetic Cover has changed my life! It has given me the confidence to enjoy walking along the beach, gardening and short bush walks. At the end of the day I can pull the Prosthetic Cover off and my foot is as clean as a whistle. No need to pull the foot apart after being outdoors.”



“After water blasting my driveway for hours, I was amazed to see NO water or grit in my foot. I would highly recommend this product to all amputees!”



“I wear my Prosthetic Cover every day on the farm and now I couldn’t live without it. My foot functions better and I don’t have to clean the foot out. I do a lot of boating on the weekends and my Prosthetic Cover keeps my foot sand and salt free. This is a must for every amputee!”