Ethics and Sustainability


Pro Armour is 100% owned and operated in New Zealand, located a short drive north of Auckland CBD. We’re delighted to share what we’re currently doing to help the environment and our vision to be an ethical and socially responsible organisation. At Pro Armour, we’re striving to create the best products in a way that cares for people and communities around the world, whilst minimising the impact on our planet.

The Pro Armour Team

We’re currently a small husband and wife team with plans to grow our workforce in the near future. Going forward, we will be applying our belief in ethical manufacturing, which focuses on the fair treatment of people at every stage along the supply chain. We believe it’s our responsibility to ensure individuals are paid fairly for their skills, work in safe environments, and are always treated with respect and understanding. We love supporting local businesses and individuals through contract work on a regular basis.

Pro Armour worn outside orange hut

Giving back

Right from the start, we’ve wanted to create an ethical and socially responsible organisation. We know that many amputees in the developed world have access to great healthcare and prosthetics. However, for lots of amputees in the developing world, this isn’t the case. Right now, we’re looking at ways of how we can support amputees in need – watch this space! In addition to this, our founder and director William Pike volunteers his time as a New Zealand Peer Support volunteer. He provides invaluable support and inspiration to amputees who are adapting to limb loss.

Pro-Armour visting at hospital


Our products are both made here in New Zealand and offshore. When choosing our manufacturers, we ensure a sound Ethical Code of Practice is in place. This pertains to fair living wages, safety at work, best environmental practices etc. and is aligned with industry standards. We nurture our relationship with our manufacturers to ensure quality control and consistency.


We really don’t like waste, so we’ve gone minimalistic for our packaging. Our products are packaged using recycled cardboard. The cardboard is 100% recyclable and made in New Zealand from trees grown in New Zealand. We don’t use plastic and never will.

Pro Armour boxes


We believe ethical and sustainable practices are always a work in progress and we’re continually working to be the best we can be in all facets of the business. Resources are being put into researching and implementing best practice and we will continue to make innovative, positive changes within our community, supply chain and environment.