Ultimate Protection For Prosthetic Limbs

Our prosthetic covers protect prosthetic limbs. Importantly, we help amputees regain their confidence and freedom to do more.

Pro Armour products

Pro Armour Shot
Above: The Pro Armour Lite

At Pro Armour ® we specialize in the ultimate prosthetic covers for lower limb amputees. Our products give amputees the confidence and freedom to do more!

The original, our Pro Armour Lite is a prosthetic cover designed for low to high activity users who require protection from everyday environments that include water, sand, dust, dirt and other nasties.

The Pro Armour Lite solves the age-old problem of stopping sand, dust, dirt and water from damaging carbon feet and components. They are lightweight, simple to use and save both the amputee and prosthetist time and hassle associated with cleaning components.

welcome to your new hybrid

Pro Armour Shot

Above: The Pro Armour PLUS

 Never deviating from our original design, our family of products are developed to solve problems. Essentially we want to give you, your freedom back.

Both the Lite and the PLUS work together to take you where you want to be. The Lite is to be used with a shoe and the PLUS without. Two solutions to ensure that no environment will be a barrier in the future.

Designed with a unique low-profile non-slip rubberised sole, wet areas can now be easily navigated. Visiting the beach, standing in the bathroom or washing the car are no longer seen as obstacles but can be tackled with ease.


do you want to…

Go anywhere?

Significantly reduce maintenance on your limb?

Never clean out another footshell?

Walk carefree on beaches, trails and in harsh environments?

Extend the life of your prosthetic components?

Reduce maintenance appointments at your prosthetic clinic?


do your clients complain of…

Dirt and sand destroying their limbs?

Not being able to enjoy harsh environments, like the beach?

Constantly cleaning footshells out?

Frequent footshell replacements?

Frustrations with excessive limb maintenance?

Whether your happy place is in the garden or on a mountain top –

Pro Armour Products give you the confidence to do more.

Here’s what our satisfied and grateful clients have to say about using the Pro Armour Lite…

I enjoy many outdoor pursuits, including hiking, and many water based activities such as sea kayaking. One of the biggest challenges I have faced with my prosthetic is water and sand entering the foot shell, weighing down the foot which significantly impacts gait until emptied. Removing sand from the foot shell is often rather difficult and not easily accomplished ‘in-the-field’. With the Pro Armour Lite cover, water and sand intrusion are virtually eliminated. This allows me the worry free pursuit of outdoor activities from river crossings to beach walks.

Dominic – Adventurer from the San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Yesterday I took my Pro Armour Lite on a hike and it was AMAZING. It did a great job of keeping out dust and dirt. Now I won’t have to worry about cleaning out my footshell when I hit the trails or beach – ever again! It also fits perfectly around my blade. Thanks Pro Armour!

Jackie – Dog lover from Los Angeles, USA

I absolutely love my Pro Armour Lite. I’m a super active double amputee. I’m often boating, hunting, mountain biking and doing things that often lead to lots of sand, dirt and sediment in my feet. The Pro Armour Lite protects against this which is great. I highly recommend it.

Liam Malone – Gold Medal Paralympic Sprinter from New Zealand

Hi Pro Armour team, I am currently on a beach in Greece and have been using the Pro Armour Lite for the last week. It is absolutely brilliant, not a trace of sand has got through it. It is an excellent product, thank you!

Alan – Sheffield, United Kingdom

I have been using the Pro Armour Lite for 5 months now. I am a very active amputee spending many hours walking beaches, fishing, diving, building….. the list goes on. It has always been a struggle to protect my foot from the elements. One of the biggest issues I had was having to clean out the foot every time I had been for a walk on the beach. The sand would get into every crevasse and I often spent more time cleaning up afterwards than actually doing the activity. Now with the Pro Armour Lite I have the freedom to do anything without having to worry about the clean up or the damage being done to the expensive carbon fibre blades.

Derek – Ocean lover from New Zealand

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And here’s what certified
Prosthetists and Orthotist have to say…

I love the Pro Armour Lite, it’s one of the best products on the market! It’s such a good idea – a bit like putting wheels on a suitcase. They’re suitable for such a wide range of patients and I’m prescribing them to almost every patient!

Laura Hillas

Senior Prosthetist in New Zealand

We’ve received fantastic feedback from patients using the Pro Armour Lite. Trades people, outdoor enthusiasts and keen gardeners just love the product!

Ross Powrie

Senior Prosthetist & Orthotist in Australia

Fantastic product, a must have for all amputees, such an innovative, functional design. I prescribe this to all my patients.

Anton Kemp

Senior Prosthetist & Orthotist in New Zealand

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Our Crazy Story

Top Of Mountain

Pro Armour founder and director William Pike stands before Mt. Ruapehu (centre back) whilst testing a Pro Armour Lite.

It all began back in 2007 when our founder, William Pike and his best friend were caught in a volcanic eruption on the slopes of Mt Ruapehu, in New Zealand. Unexpectedly, 1.5 million cubic metres of rocks, water and mud spewed down the mountain side and crushed William’s right leg, which later led to a RBK amputation.

After a grueling rehabilitation, William returned to the great outdoors. One of the major problems he faced was the collection of dirt, dust, sand and water around his prosthetic foot and components. His limb began to malfunction and he needed frequent replacements. William began to shy away from everyday environments that weren’t prosthetic friendly (like the beach and garden). His mental and physical health was taking setbacks as a result.

William decided to do something about it and after years of trials, he invented a solution to solve his problems. All of a sudden he had the confidence and freedom to do more with his prosthesis. It was an absolute game changer!

Soon after, William wanted other amputees to experience that same level of freedom and confidence. In 2020 as Covid began to cause havoc around the world, William made a bold decision to establish Pro Armour ® (short for Prosthetic Armour) and start to change lives.

Today our rapidly growing client base across the globe means the world to us and we are so honoured to help improve their lives. Hearing success stories from our customers warm our hearts and propel us toward our mission of giving amputees the freedom and confidence to do more.

How We Give Back

William Nepal

William and his grandfather in Nepal and having fun with local children.


Sayani about to have a cast taken for her first prosthetic leg.

Pro Armour founder William Pike, has always been the type of person to give back to the community and society in general.

When William, our founder, was 12, his Granddad took him to Nepal. It was there that William fell in love with the place and also mountaineering. Years later William lost his leg mountaineering on Mt. Ruapehu.

When William started Pro Armour, he wanted to give back to the place that inspired him on his crazy journey. So, we’ve established a partnership with Limb Care Nepal and we’re sponsoring amputees who cannot afford prosthetic limbs. Now, every Pro Armour Lite we sell contributes towards changing the lives of Nepalese amputees.

Our friends at Limb Care Nepal identify those in need, and that’s how we came into contact with Sayani.

Meet Sayani, she’s 11 years old and lives in Pokhara. Sayani lost her limb below the knee due to complications after a fracture. Unfortunately her family is too poor and they live too remote to access prosthetic care. Through our connection with Nepal that began when William was 12, things have gone full circle. Now we have changed Sayani’s life by sponsoring her first limb AND 3 years of follow up care.

We’re incredibly proud of our partnership and we’ll keep you updated with her progress. Check back soon to see the other Nepalese amputees we’re supporting too!