How to put on a Pro Armour Lite Prosthetic Cover

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Amputee, Pro Armour Lite, Prosthetist

The Pro Armour Lite is a prosthetic cover designed for lower limb amputees who require protection from everyday nasties like water, sand, dust and dirt. They are lightweight, simple to use and save amputees time and hassle. 

After years of testing, our founder William Pike knows a few tips and tricks to putting on a Pro Armour Lite. These tips will make your Pro Armour Lite not only look awesome, but save you time and improve its functionality.

Our founder William Pike, has had plenty of practice taking his Pro Armour Lite on and off over the years. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of the Pro Armour Lite.

How to put on a Pro Armour Lite – By William Pike

The 7-Steps to putting on the Pro Armour Lite

Just in case you missed a step, here are the points William covered in the video:

  1. Put the special sock provided over your bare prosthetic foot
  2. Depending on the type of foot and adaptor, you may need to stretch the Pro Armour Lite for a good fit – especially if brand new. 
  3. Hold the Pro Armour Lite upper with one hand while firmly rolling excess neoprene at the rear
  4. Hold rolled neoprene and firmly fasten the top velcro strap first. The firmer, the better. Repeat with the bottom strap.
  5. Centre velcro and branding 
  6. If wearing for the first time, be sure to take your Pro Armour Lite on and off a few times before cutting the velcro straps to fit. 
  7. Put some footwear on and go!

There you go, now you know how to put on a Pro Armour Lite. Make sure a Pro Armour Lite is worn when there’s a chance prosthetic feet and components will come into contact with sand, dirt, dust or water. You’ll not only protect expensive prosthetic components, but save amputees and prosthetists time and hassle!

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