The Wonder Cover

Discover the Wonder Cover – the ultimate in prosthetic protection for above and below knee amputees. 

Whether your happy place is in the garden or on a mountain top – the Wonder Cover gives you the confidence to do more.

Easy to use

Wonder Covers are lightweight, easy to use and comfortable.

Provides Protection

No more dust, dirt, sand or water getting into your leg components.

No height hassles

Wear any shoes you like with the Wonder Cover.

Features of the Wonder Cover

These covers are lightweight, take seconds to put on and add years to the life of your prosthetic foot and components.

Walk with confidence knowing your expensive prosthetic components are protected from the elements. Say catch-you-later to dust, dirt, sand and water!

Wear your favourite sandals, shoes or boots with the Wonder Cover which means heel height hassles are a thing of the past.

The Wonder Cover moves with your prosthetic limb so your ankle movement and gait stay smoothe and unaffected.

Proarmour Wonder Cover walking on beach

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