Ultimate Protection For Prosthetic Limbs

Our prosthetic covers protect prosthetic limbs. Importantly, we help amputees regain their confidence and freedom to do more.

Pro Armour Lite – how it works

The Pro Armour Lite is the ultimate prosthetic cover that works by stopping sand, dirt, and water from causing irreversible and costly damage to prosthetic feet and components.

This means extending the life of prosthetic limbs, improving amputee quality of life, and saving both prosthetists and amputees time and hassle.

The Pro Armour Lite takes seconds to put on with 3 easy steps…


Step 1

Slide Pro Armour Lite over your foot.

Pro Armour Cover being put on leg

Step 2

Fix Pro Armour Lite to your limb.

Pro Armour Cover being put on leg - step 2

Step 3

Put your footwear on and GO!

Pro Armour Cover being put on leg - step 3

Whether your happy place is in the garden or on a mountain top – The Pro Armour Lite gives you the confidence to do more.

Say YES to:


Improving your health and wellbeing.


Using one prosthetic limb for all activities.


Walking in water, sand, mud, dust, snow.


Living an unrestricted life.


Enjoying the great outdoors.


Saving time and money.


Happy prosthetists.

Say NO to:


Dirt, water, sand destroying limbs.


Costly replacement feet and components.


Constantly cleaning prosthetic limbs.


Worn out foot shells.


Unnecessary limb maintenance.


Reduce prosthetic component waste.

Pro Armour worn by man mowing lawn

Our Products

We currently have one product called the The Pro Armour Lite, which is suitable for below and above knee amputees. More products are coming soon.

I’m an amputee
“I have been using the Pro Armour Lite for 5 months now. I am a very active amputee spending many hours walking beaches, fishing, diving, building….. the list goes on. It has always been a struggle to protect my foot from the elements. One of the biggest issues I had was having to clean out the foot every time I had been for a walk on the beach. The sand would get into every crevasse and I often spent more time cleaning up afterwards than actually doing the activity. Now with the Pro Armour Lite I have the freedom to do anything without having to worry about the clean up or the damage being done to the expensive carbon fibre blades.”