important information

Last updated: 31 January 2023


  • Only walk on soft surfaces such as sand, grass, indoors
  • Always wear the black sock provided against the prosthetic foot as this helps reduce friction when donning/doffing the Pro Armour PLUS
  • Remove the PLUS when not in a harsh environment
  • Always clean and dry after use (including black sock)
  • Fasten velcro tags around the pylon firmly to prevent debris from entering lower pylon and foot/ankle components
  • Ensure snug fit of the PLUS on prosthetic feet to reduce possible trip hazard
  • The PLUS is not waterproof
  • The PLUS is not a sealed unit – debris and water may enter prosthetic components
  • The PLUS is not intended to protect sockets, knee or hip units.

  • Do not use on hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac, gravel, rocks
  • Do not put the PLUS inside a shoe or similar
  • Do not wear on anything other than a prosthetic foot prescribed by a Certified Prosthetist
  • For use with a prosthetic limb only

The Pro Armour PLUS is a protective outer surface covering system that consists of neoprene, a rubberised sole, velcro closures and a replaceable inner sock to reduce friction when don/doffing. The neoprene is non-permeable and seam sealed.

The Pro Armour PLUS is available in left and right variants from size 22 – 29 and suitable for the below knee section of a lower limb on transtibial, transfemoral and hip disarticulation prosthesis. The system is not intended to protect the knee or hip joints.

The system is designed to protect the lower pylon and foot/ankle components against unusually harsh environments. These may include sand, dust, dirt, water, snow and other debris. The system is intended to be removed when not in harsh conditions, and the inner sock and neoprene shell should be removed, cleaned and dried after use.

The velcro closures provide a secure closure to stop most sand, dust, dirt and moisture ingress around the lower pylon and foot components. Customisation is required to trim the velcro closures to size. Note, this system is water-resistant and not waterproof.

The rubberised sole is intended for walking on soft surfaces only such as grass, sand, and indoors. Do not wear on hard surfaces such as concrete or tarmac as this will accelerate the wear of the sole.

The typical lifetime of this system is intended to be 6 months -/+. Be aware, the Pro Armour PLUS is designed as a consumable item, and wear and tear is expected at the expense of prosthetic components such as footshells and components.

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